What you get at Nia class Move your whole body in a way that leaves you feeling energized from fun cardio and muscle conditioning to great music. Friendly, relaxed atmosphere. Combines martial arts, healing arts and dance arts.

From my house to yours, a Nia class inviting you to pay attention to your sensations and choose, choose, choose the pleasant ones.
Wednesday afternoons, 3:00 – 4:00
Here’s the direct link to the class
If you have never taken a class offered through Trauma Healing Project’s Healing Arts Program before, they’d like you to fill out a one-time form for all their participants. This can be done after class if you’re just squeaking in last minute, but it’s also a little detail you can take care of in advance.
Here’s the secure payment form, though you do not have to pay in order to participate

New In-Person class in Springfield – Nia Floor Play – Combine the strength, flexibility, and discipline of yoga with the creativity of modern dance and a dollop of personal expression. Learn to be playful while you are using your own body weight to gain strength and build bone. Enjoy inspiring music from a wide variety of genres.
Thursday mornings at 10:00
at the Bob Keefer Center
250 S. 32nd St., Springfield, OR 97478 | LTD route: 11
Even if the weather is hot,
keep in mind that the center is comfortably cool inside
Bring your own mat these days
Price information:
Adults (18-49): $7 in-district/$10 out-of-district
Students, Seniors, Military: $6 in-district/$8 out-of-district

CLASSIC Nia Mondays, 3:00, WAAC    Beginning Aug 2 !

Nia movement classes are based on influences from martial arts, dance arts, and healing arts, so your body gets plenty of variety. In class, you receive coaching to match the intensity to your personal needs. Beyond fitness, Nia is health and wellness lifestyle art.

My wish: to bolster your optimism and passion for life by encouraging  movement that feels satisfying, and by creating a safe place for relating to people in person. Drop-in is ok. You don’t have to pre-register.