The Nia White Belt Training week

Sense mastery. Imagine going mindfully and joyfully through  your life. Delight in your unique style of becoming an elder. Nia is a design system for sustainability in the body that offers a one-of-a-kind training program providing comprehensive body-mind-emotion-spirit practices for self-awareness and empowerment. This is the first step toward teaching Nia, and many people also enjoy this training for their own development.


What you get
7 days of study, practice, exploration, lecture,  and experience within a holistic science  approach to personal transformation.

Expect to move, but at your own level of energy.

Calendar for White Belt Trainings with Janet

April 2- May 7  – Series of 6 Mondays in Eugene,OR     Full days, one day a week

June 16-22 – Full week in Pleasant Hill, OR  with Britta vonTagen

October 7-12 Retreat setting at  the Oregon Coast at Yachats, OR.

Lodging at the Yachats Inn, site of the Otober training, is extra to registration.

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Nia Statement
“Our commitment has always been to self-mastery, and to supporting and developing a healthy relationship with the body, on and off the dance floor. Nia’s purpose is to help people reach their greatest potential no matter what age or state of health. The only way we can craft the body and life we desire is from the inside out, and by choosing pleasure and comfort as the path to get fit and stay healthy.” – Debbie Rosas, Nia Founder and Creator.